Simon Scott

Hi there! My name is Simon and I would like to explain how the name PROPERTY THERAPY came about.  So many of our clients had said to us “why is it all so complicated trying to get a house built or get renovations done on Budget? We get conflicting information and we are so stressed out we will probably just give up as we have spent copious amounts of time and sometimes money and still feel we are getting nowhere!”

PROPERTY THERAPY  was the brainchild of the forward thinking team at SSB DESIGN STUDIO lead by Principal Designer and Practice Owner Simon Scott who has nearly 20 years experience in designing Award-Winning properties and does not shy away from wanting others to benefit from his knowledge.

The Vision is to make sure that everyone regardless of budget is given solid information allowing them to proceed with confidence into the property market be it their Dream Home or Investment Property. Our Mission is seeing aspiring property owners make THEIR DREAM A REALITY.

Similar to all those who seek professional help, often a form of therapy, for other stressful situations, we decided that someone needed to act as a “Property Therapist”, taking all the challenges that have been brought to our notice prior to us being engaged in projects and giving people what they wanted…..and that’s getting back to basic information without all the jargon that usually goes with a house build or renovation.  So, nothing startling really in the name however, the intention is to provide general educational information (not specific to any one project) about matters that have to be addressed irrespective of cost, size and ideals of a project.  We want people to realise their dreams not have nightmares!

So here we go with the first addition of our blog and it is planned that weekly there will be blogs put onto our Facebook and Instagram sites for you to read and be informed, and we would really appreciate feedback and any questions you may have,please add in the comments to blogs.

General information only

We intend for the information on the Website to only serve as a general overview on matters of interest. The information on the Website is not intended to be comprehensive, nor does it in any way constitute personal advice. We attempt to ensure that the content on the Website is current and accurate but we do not guarantee its currency and accuracy. You should carry out your own research and/or seek your own advice before acting or relying on any of the information displayed on the Website. 

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